Have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose between doing the thing you should do and doing the thing that can wait? Are you procrastinating far to much? If your choice was to do the other thing, that is the school example of „Procrastination“. Let’s explain it a bit closer. You see, it is completely normal that, from time to time, when you have a lot of work to do, you get sick of all the chores and choose to „ignore“ them and do something else instead. If you have a job deadline tomorrow, and you choose to watch three episodes of your favorite TV show, that is procrastination. If you have a test in a few days, and you choose to spend your days running in the park instead of studying for the test, that is procrastination. And as we already mentioned, if you tend to behave this way from time to time, that is completely fine. But, if you tend to behave like this in every situation that requires your hard work, if procrastination has become your habit, well, you should change that.

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What is procrastination?

Why do we talk about Procrastination as something „bad“? Well, it is pretty obvious. You see, if you ignore the important things that you need to do, and choose to do something that is not that urgent instead, you are wasting your time. And wasting your time can bring many other negative consequences.

And one more time, we must say that there is a huge difference between procrastination and something else that actually requires you to avoid your chores. For example, if you get bad news that somebody who is close to you is in a trouble and needs your help while you have your chores, you should know that helping your friend while you have important things to do is not procrastinating, because that is a situation that doesn’t happen every day. But, if you tend to check your social media accounts every 10 minutes, while you have important work to do, that is procrastinating, because that is a situation that happens more than once.

Why do we procrastinate?

People tend to procrastinate so they could have a reason for their failure. You see, while you are procrastinating, you are actually self-sabotaging yourself, your work, your whole future. And the Law of Attraction says that you are creating your future and your life with the help of your thoughts and your deep beliefs. If you procrastinate, it is sure that you won’t be satisfied with the result. While you are procrastinating, deep down in yourself you know that you are not doing the best possible thing. And that kind of behavior (those deep beliefs that you are not doing the right thing) is going to create precisely that- a situation where you will be disappointed with the results at the end. So, in order to create a situation that is going to make you happy and satisfied, you need to overcome procrastination. And now we will explain the easiest way for that.

How to stop procrastinating?

Just like overcoming every other „negative“ thing you are struggling with, you can also overcome procrastinating with some time and some practice. If you put some small „exercises“ into your daily routine, after some time, you will remove procrastination from your behavior. We suggest that you:What is procrastination

1. Create smaller goals. Why is this an important thing to do? Well, you see, when you have a lot of work to do, when you have huge chores, when you simply have too much to do during the day, it can happen that you feel scared and start doubting that you can finish everything. And when you start doubting that „there is not a chance to finish everything you need to finish“ that is when your mindset answers to all the challenges with procrastination. So, to avoid that, create smaller assignments that you know that you can finish.

2. Give yourself a small reward for every single goal you achieve. No matter if you succeed in finishing a „small“ or a „big“ job, make sure to reward yourself with something, with something that brings you joy and happiness. In that way, you will „force“ yourself to do all the other assignments that you have.

3. Appreciate your time. Many people who struggle with procrastination don’t know how to organize their time. In other words, they tend to waste their time doing unnecessary things. But, don’t worry because that can also be changed, with a little exercise. Make a deal with yourself that after every 30 minutes of „hard work“ you will reward yourself with 10 minutes of free time and stick to that agreement. After a few days, this organization of time will become natural to you.

4. Use the „Two Minute- Rule“. What does this „Two Minute-Rule“require from you? Well, it requires that you modify your big goals into smaller ones, into something that you can finish in just two minutes. For example, if your long-term goal is to „learn everything for the test next month, the „Two Minute- Rule“ says that today, you only need to learn one page from the book, because that it is what you can do during those two minutes. If you want to lose some weight till summer, the „Two Minute- Rule“ says that, today, you only need to do 10 push-ups, because that it is what you can do during those two minutes. After a few days, when you get used to those two minutes working, you can raise this exercise to three minutes, then to four, etc. Start with just two minutes, and after some time, you will get amazing results. And you can apply this method to any goal that you want to achieve.

All the things we’ve mentioned here are important for changing your thoughts, your focus, and your deep beliefs. Use all of the tips and tricks that we’ve shared with you, remove procrastination from your mindset and create the life you will be satisfied with!

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