Create and Manifest the Best life EVER Using These Vision Board Ideas and Quotes

Everything that once was in your mind you can attract to your reality. Maybe you’ve heard this sentence, but is that completely true? Well, the Law of Attraction says that it is. No matter how „huge“ or „small“ your wish is, you can indeed achieve it and create and manifest it to your reality. Using vision boards is a great way to super charge your manifestation with the use of great vision board quotes that can really push in the direction that you want. Below we have listed some of the best vision board ideas that you can start using today to bring law of attraction into your life.

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The Law of Attraction says that with the help of positive thinking, with the help of your thoughts, you can make yourself feel a certain way. If you focus on negative thoughts, on negative things, you will experience negative emotions. And when you are not feeling good, your vibration will be low on the emotional guidance scale,  and you will push away the fulfillment of your wish from your reality. But, if you concentrate on positive things, if you choose to think positive thoughts, you will feel positive emotions and those positive emotions will help your vibration to grow. When you succeed in achieving a high vibration, that is when you will start to attract and manifest all of the wonderful things you ever wished for.creating a vision board

For attracting and manifesting the things you want, the Law of Attraction gave you a lot of different tools, methods, and techniques. Today we will be focusing on one that gives amazing results, and that is the Vision Board. Using vision board quotes along with images is a great way to vhange your thoughts and feelings meaning you are able to manifest things faster. These vision board ideas we will show you make it so easy for you to get started with this today.

Vision Board quotes is a wonderful and successful tool and you can observe it as one part of a Visualization process. But, unlike classic Creative Visualization that you are used to applying in your mind, you are doing this Visualization „outside“, on a piece of paper. With the help of this kind of Visualizations, with a certain picture, or with a certain quote or sentence, you can succeed to focus your attention on a specific thing that we want to create and manifest.


What is the Vision Board?

To explain this most easily, the Vision Board is a board with your visions, dreams, wishes, and desires in the form of images and quotes. There are two possible ways of how can you create your personal Vision Board ideas. The first way for creating your Vision Board means that you need to find a big piece of paper (or something similar), and you need to write down on it the things that you wish for, the motivational vision board quotes that inspire you, and you also need to put there the pictures of the things that you want to attract and manifest to your reality. The second way has just one difference- it means that you can create your Vision vision board templateBoard ideas on your computer and set it as a desktop wallpaper along with all your vision board quotes to make sure it is present throughout the day.  But the essence is the same- all you need to do is to create a board with all of your dreams, wishes, and desires and goals and add your favorite quotes to it, and you need to put that board somewhere where you will be able to look at it often during the day.

This seems pretty easy. And it is, it is easy and interesting, but, if you want to make this successful, then you should pay attention to the tips and tricks we are about to reveal to you and you need to try to apply every advice that you get here.


Tips and tricks for creating a successful Vision Board


Observe your past experiences and decide your future direction: One of the first things that you need to do in this process is to take a moment and think about your past experiences, about your life. For example, you can observe the experiences you’ve had during last month or last year. Be honest to yourself and pay attention to all the things that you’ve achieved, to all the things that you’ve experienced. How were those experiences, how did you feel? After you are done with that, pay attention to the direction you want to go, in the future. Think about how would you like to look in the future, physically and mentally, what do you want to do, where do you want to work, how much money do you want to earn, on what do you want to spend the money you have earned, what do you want to experience, where you want to travel, with whom you want to spend your days, etc? Thinking about your past experiences and thinking about all of the things that you want to experience in the future will help you to get a clear picture of your future goal and you will get the idea of so many things that you can add to your Vision Board. You will get the idea of the future direction that you want to create with the help of your Vision Board.

Take your time to create your Vision Board idea without rushing: So, you have heard about a tool called the Vision Board and you want to create it in the next five minutes. That’s wrong! You can’t create it that quickly. You have all the time you need, the Vision Board idea came to you in the best possible moment. You don’t need to rush, take your time, and think about the things that you want to put on your Vision Board. Think about the pictures, think about the sentences. Take some time and just think about the things you’re going to insert on your Vision Board.

Find suitable pictures: After you’ve spent some time thinking, now it is time for action! Now is the time that you find the pictures that will help you to achieve, to attract and manifest your goals, dreams, and desires. You can draw pictures by yourself, but for the people who are not so skilled in drawing, we have a better solution. You can find the pictures online and then print them from your computer, or, if you have some old magazines or something similar, you can cut the pictures from there and insert those pictures on your Vision Board. That is your personal choice. But, you mustn’t use some random pictures that you find. Use only the ones that truly represent you and your goals. If you want to travel somewhere in the future, for example, if you want to visit Mexico, you can insert a picture of yourself and of a person you want to travel with, and next to those pictures, you can also add pictures of Mexico, a picture of a sombrero, mariachi band, pictures of Mexican food, etc. Everything that is associating you to Mexico can find a place on your Vision Board. More vision board ideas for you it that you can add a date when you want to visit this place. For example, next to those pictures related to Mexico, you can put vision board quotes like „January 2021“. And this wish related to traveling is just one part of your Vision Board. You can add as many wishes as you want, related to some other fields of your life. For example, if you are alone at the moment, without a love partner, and you would like to change that situation, here it is what you can do. You can find a picture of some two random people that are hugging or holding hands. You can cut the heads of those people and you can insert your head and head of somebody that looks like a person you would like your partner to be. In that way, you will get the idea of how you two would look together, you will be focusing on that picture whenever you look at your Vision Board and that will make you experience positive emotions. And those positive emotions will raise your vibration.

Find suitable motivational vision board quotes: Books and the online world are full of various motivational vision board quotes that you could use on your Vision Board. But, when you are choosing the ones for you, make sure that you resonate with those quotes, make sure that you experience a positive emotion while you are reading them. You can create your motivational sentences by yourself if that feels better, but in case you don’t have the idea, we have some suggestions for you. Feel free to use some of the following quotes if you resonate with them:


dream board


“When I visualize then I materialize.”

„If I can see it in my mind, I can hold it in my hand.“

„Nothing is impossible!“

„Thoughts become things.“

„If I can dream it, I can and I will achieve it.“

“The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit.”

“The Universe will start to rearrange itself to make it happen for me. “

“Fake it till you make it.”

“Just go with the flow!”

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“The Universe loves me.”

“Trust your instincts.  It’s the Universe inspiring you.”

“ It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars.”

“As I ask and feel and believe, I will receive.”

“The Secret is within me.”    


  1. Take your time and phrase your wishes, dreams, and vision board ideas: Be concrete and precise when it comes to writing down your vision board ideas, goals, dreams, wishes, and desires. When you are vibrationally high, the Universe will, without doubt, give you the things that you want. But, it won’t hurt if you help the Universe a bit. And you will help the Universe if you write down the things that you want loud and clear. Write down precisely what it is that you want. Write down precisely, what kind of a partner you want, how much money you want to earn, where and when you want to travel, what kind of a job you want to attract. The more precise you write these things down, the louder and clearer the Universe will hear you. Be clear and help the Universe to understand everything from your Vision Board. 
  2. Find the „right“ place for your Vision Board: Is there a right place for putting your Vision Board? Of course, there is. The right place is somewhere where you will be able to look at it during the day. But, don’t get this wrong. The point of using the vision Board is not that you focus on it during the whole day, it is not the pint to observe it 24/7. No. The point is that you place the Vision Board somewhere where you will, during the day you will, take a look at it, periodically.
  3. Look at your Vision Board as often as you can: This is connected with the previous tip. Look at your Vision Board as often as you can, but without the effort. Vision Board is something that needs to become a part of your everyday routine, it is something that needs to become your habit, something that you do unconsciously.
  4. Add concrete goals for every field of your life: We already mentioned that you can add to your Vision Board anything that you want. You can insert things randomly, or you can split your Vision Board into a few columns, each column for a specific field of your life. You can use one column for your love life, one for health, one for family, one for money, one for a job, etc. You can add as many columns, as many fields as you want. But make sure that you’ve added everything that you are wishing for.
  5. Upgrade your Vision Board: Creating your Vision Board is not a thing that you are going to finish in a day. Creating a Vision Board is a process that can last longer than just one day. You are getting new goals, new dreams, new wishes day after day. Feel free to add new things to your Vision Board. As you are changing, your Vision Board can also change.


And that would be it. We’ve collected the tips and tricks for your Vision Board. If you apply them all, there is no way that you will be unsatisfied with the results. You can indeed attract and manifest everything you want. Feel free to dream big, apply all the things you’ve learned today, and enjoy your life. Enjoy every manifestation that you attract to your life, but more importantly, enjoy the process and enjoy the fact that you are the creator of your life!

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Another vision board idea we use is by putting our vision board on our desktop and phone as the background, so we see it every time on our computer or when we use our phone.


To do this is so simple simply use the free software “Canva” and go to new design then “desktop” and from there just add all your best images and vision board quotes as you can and then save it and make it your desktop and phone background, this is great way to get your vision board ideas into your sub conscious everyday.

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