I keep in mind when I was in an old job in sales, I was never really very positive, I used to sit there sometimes and just hope and prey that the phone would ring and it would be a customer that would contact me and just buy. I was then partnered with one of the senior sales team and I used to listen to his ease of voice his sales alter and the way he put the customer at ease and making the sale just felt normal it was almost not even sales!


manifest with the law of attraction

He used to say to me hey Dave its like you don’t believe in yourself and believe that you can do this. What you need to do is to concentrate on self improvement listen to one of the gurus out there get your confidence up,!


I then in my search came across something called the law of attraction now I was not sure about this I had heard people mention it and it was considered to be like hairy fairy type of stuff..


I used to enrage a lot of people due to my negativity many people used to say Dave most of this you have attracted due to your negativity! So I knew something had to change I had to be more positive because deep down I knew positive people always attracted more into there lives.


I was told to try and get as many books as possible on the law of attraction and this would basically begin making the law of attraction work for me. However I hate reading, so I used audible books these worked just as well I found.


I quickly found that my anguish was triggered by my adverse thoughts found in my subconscious mind, I started to look into how to re programme myself to feel better and also manifest more. My main goal was to raise my self-confidence but I knew if I could get better results naturally my self confidence would rise anyway!

I then watch the secret and found it really resonated to me, what we think about we attract and manifest into our lives. The speakers on there showed me a new way a way we could use our thoughts to attract more of what we want into our lives.


However it had one big issue it was missing one or two very important things. To start with our sub conscious mind is more powerful than we ever thought and plus the actions we take are more important – to change our beliefs we need to work backwards.

So instead of changing our thoughts and feeling to change our inner beliefs, it should be action change our feelings and then change our thoughts.


So I started to create a ritual to reprogram my subconscious mind for success I forced myself to do what I didn’t want to do, I got massively positive I saw the good in everything.


So If like me, you want to utilise the law of attraction to bring whatever into your life, do not hesitate to follow my day-to-day actions or routines. What all the major courses and teachings miss out are listed below this is the missing pieces to the puzzle.


So every morning I add these 5 actions each one will supercharge your manifesting results with the law of attraction.


1. Begin the day with meditation.

Every morning I start with mediating, I awaken and first thing I do is mediate from my bed. Why ? Simple when you first awake your mind its very suggestible so instead of Facebook or emails why not give your mind what it wants mediating. Also when you mediate you increase your vibration energy so you are able to manifest what you want faster. Also it can help elevate stress and anxiety.


So why not get your FREE meditations below. Simply use them every single morning.

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2.Law of attraction hypnotherapy access you inner mind.


So with meditation done next its onto hypnosis


Hypnosis has normally been based on game shows or tv shows a bit of a bad rep, people think its all about spinning wheels and cheesy hosts putting people under there spell.  However hypnosis really can give you access into your subconscious mind it can open a door so quickly and easily it makes all the other task second to this!


law of attraction quiz

The hypnosis that I listen to is an MP3 on my phone. So I can pay attention to it whenever I desire. Yet normally In the morning after the law of attraction meditation.


The hypnosis I use is found here it is based around money and becoming a millionaire.. With it you get 7 FREE mind hacks you can use aswell!


You also get other law of attraction and many other tools to help supercharge your law of attraction and manifesting techniques.


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3. Law of tourist attraction subliminal audio.


After my hypnosis session, I am now open to more suggestions though and into my sub conscious mind I did this via subliminal audios this allows messages and affirmations to easily enter my mind. I will try and listen to it daily on my phone throughout the day.


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subliminal messages


4. Subliminal Images Manifest when doing nothing 🙂


Afterwards, if I’m not in the day work I then use something called mind movies, basically this is where I create a mind movie so things I would like to happen in my life such as new house new car etc and then add some great affirmations I then have this playing in the background as a like filter, and the messages and images of things I want flash up and this is a great way for the sub conscious mind to take them in. Why? Because your concentrating on doing something like work so the conscious mind is in use, but the sub conscious mind is seeing all these great messages and images!


Put it like this while I watch YouTube videos or just procrastinate I’m still getting all the good messages into my mind!!


Just how cool is that!


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mind movie


5. I use the five-step method emphasis, increase, release, gratefulness as well as go.


So forget all and everything you have heard before, here is what I do to manifest and bring into my life what it is I desire.


I concentrate on what I desire and want most in my life each and everyday.


I do everything I can each and every day to increase my vibration and energy to be in align and act as if what I want I already have, so the thoughts and feelings I have are always around what it would be like to won and have what I want.


So I simply let it go, I then act in total gratitude like I already have what I want and let the universe do its thing to bring it into existence!!


The secret is to be regular as well as take do these little exercises everyday you need to be doing these for at least 30-60 days each and every day. It takes thirty days for the same activity to enter into the subconscious but when it does it will certainly become automated.


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