What we look at success we often and I know personally get frustrated when we see no or little results towards our goal. This however is where the problem lies, these negative thoughts lead to more negative situations. As we know in the law of attraction it states that like attracts like.

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So in essence we need to maintain and have positive thoughts as these positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and actions and thus create the success that we are looking for.


You can attract success wealth and abundance in your life with the law of attraction using these 7 steps to success with the law of attraction.


Envision the future you desire. Create the life of your dreams. See it, feel it, believe it. – Jack Canfield  


So the promise of the law of attraction is, is that you can alter and change your surrounding based on what you think and feel. Or, do you think that things just happen to you?


Your ideas as well as feelings have an effect on the events that take place around you. When you move your point of view and are totally aware of your capabilities, you can start to bring in positive points into your life. The law of attraction is about being positive in your life as life attracts like.


Utilizing the Law of Attraction For Personal Success


Most individuals turn and look to the law of attraction to turn there wealth and riches around, they want to work less earn more and have more freedom.


One instance is Oprah Winfrey who famously invited individuals to “create the greatest, grandest vision feasible for your life due to the fact that you become what you believe.”


However, when people go after wealth with the law of attraction remember that true happiness rarely come with more wealth. Success rarely comes with wealth. Real success with the law of attraction is having what you want in all areas of your life whether that be, wealth, health and success.


7 Things You Are Required To Do To Accomplish Success With The Law Of Attraction:


So by now to have success with the law of attraction requires you to stay positive and think positive thought around you goal. The law of attraction is a long journey of life changing work mainly around your mindset and changing your limiting beliefs in and around your goals.


Success with the law of attraction is a skill and a skill which when practised and used everyday can literally change your life. Manifestation requires hard work and time, so if your ready for this life changing experience then read on for these 7 essential steps.


1.Quit relying on good luck

As the expression goes, luck constantly appears to be against the individual who depends on it. You can fabricate your good luck.


If you sit around waiting for good luck to hit you in your life such as good health and money to fall in to your lap with luck you will miss out on opportunities that the law of attraction sends to you.


Begin by relying on your skill and effort as your luck, so when the law of attraction send you the opportunities in the future your skills will be the luck you need to create the life and success you have always wanted.


2.Concentrate on what you truly want

The law of attraction only really wants when you focus on what you truly want and desire. Only thou focus on things and wants that align with your values and not wants. Most of us see successful people in new cars and go I want that but deep down its not what we really want.


These things will not provide long lasting happiness.

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It’s important to open an area for internal self-reflection so you can listen to what your mind is telling you.


3.Plan your strategy and take action!


The biggest and most common error with people and how they think the law of attraction works is they close there eyes and imagine and that’s it!

To have success with the law of attraction is to think successful thoughts while applying actions in  line with this.


Success is a marathon and takes training life anything in life. If you’re doing a marathon that makes training preparation and dedication. So when doing LAO do a plan of action maybe a diagram write down the goal and what you need to get there so you can see clearly what you need to learn and complete to get to your goal.



Visualization is one of the most vital actions to make the law of attraction actually work. You are basically using your imagination to visualise your goal. But it’s not enough to just see the goal you need to put senses and feeling into it.


So this could but smell, or noise, so if its that new car what does it sounds like or smell like?


Evoke all your senses that you would feel once you achieve your goal or get what you desire.


Don’t worry if your imagination is not as good as you want to it to be to imagine your desire and goals. If you do find yourself struggling use a vision board, select images that are close to your goals and evoke your senses so when you see them they light you up!!


5.Practice using affirmations

So when using law of the attraction positivity and self-doubt often appear when this does one way is to use positive affirmations.


A positive affirmation is a declaration of something that you hold and believe to be true. So a affirmation I use everyday in the shower is “success and money comes effortlessly to me” or “I’m so happy grateful to make $50k per month easily” and so on.


6.Be grateful

The amazing thing is that the law of attraction may of worked for you in the past but you never realised it. Just think about everything good you achieved up to now that has made you happy.


So being grateful for everything you have now and going to receive is a great way to bring it into your life faster, as we said success with the law of attraction is based around like attracts like, so being grateful will attract more good things into your life you can be grateful for.



The law of attraction has a kinship with meditation. Law of attraction is about getting rid of negative mind block you might have so being still and mediating to get rid of these blocks is vital to the speed of manifestation and whether you actually manifest your goals. You enter a heightened state of mind, which is perfect to visualize, plan, and focus on your desires.


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