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There are a number of paths to getting wealthy and creating lasting riches into your life that mean you can have do and be whatever it is you desire, the art of manifesting wealth and money is one that can give you true happiness..

Tough working, commitment, and technique can help develop a great financial security blanket for you and your family for years to come. Yet that’s only part of the formula needed. The other part is discovering how to tap into power in the universe’s power as well so you can literally open the taps to more money more abundance more wealth into your life as and when you command it.

To obtain the amazing powers of the universe and to get it to bring into form the money the wealth you desire, you must discover how to apply the law of tourist attraction. Understanding how to apply the law of attraction will allow you bring anything you want into your life, you will literally be able to manifest anything you desire.

what is the law of attractionTake a closer look at just how you can both apply the law of attraction and also recognize that it’s functioning and actually working, because the worst thing is put everything in place but how do you know its working?

This step is vital because knowing it is working aids your belief in it, and when learning how to apply the law of attraction belief that it will work and the universe will bring from nothing into form what it is you desire is a key component.


What is the law of attraction?

So to put I very simply the law of attraction is the belief that the thoughts we took into the universe can manifest tangible things into our lives. This law is applicable to both positive and unfavourable ideas, so if we put out into the universe, we want more money the universe in turn sends you more money. And again if we start to have negative thoughts on lack of the universe will send us more “lack of” into our life as that is the main thought we have put into the universe.

Whether you understand it or you don’t, this amazing law works all the time with or without you always.

So when we start thinking negative thoughts the universe in return will start to send us negative experiences as that is our thought. So a great example of this with money is if you constantly think about having a lack of money you are now sending negative thoughts into the universe regarding money so in return the universe will send you more negative experiences around money as that was your main thought.

There’s also scientific evidence that sustains the presence of this law in our everyday lives. A great example of this would be, medical research study has actually revealed that stress or thinking negatively in your life can lead to having health problems so people who are generally more positive attract more positive experiences and situations into there life.

So if you where to start to become positive and start thinking positive thoughts around money and health you can be assured that the universe will start to send you more of this as they say like attracts like.

How do I Apply The Law of Attraction?

If you’re ready to use the law of attraction in your life right now, the very first step is to recognize its power yes you cant see it but soon you will see that it has to the power to bring anything you want into your life starting today. This indicates acknowledging the effects it already has on your life. So now lets take a closer look check out exactly how to do this and how easy it can be to change your life.


Own your negative thoughts

So when you first start learning how to apply the law of attraction, this can be hard. To acknowledge the law of attraction, you need to take duty to the negativity you may have brought right into your life. It can be painful to accept this and to start with you might think so this has happened because I have been thinking this?law of attraction meditation

However, if you want to start manifesting everything you ever wanted you need to first start by addressing this. So as soon as you start to realise all those negative thought you have and have had in the past have caused everything bad to happen to you, you can then start to take control of them and start to use the power of positive thought s and everything good that these will bring into your life.



Bring your thinking under control

When we are oblivious of the law of attraction, we allow out thoughts and feelings in general to run rampant. We spend time stressing that our biggest worries will certainly occur thus putting the bad side of the law of attraction into place, or that we start to think thoughts such as the thing we desire most will never happen to use or we will never be of deserving to have that.

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To apply the Law of attraction, you must discover for it to work and manifest everything you want to concentrate and keep your thoughts in check.

But please do not beat yourself up if you start to have wandering bad thoughts look it happens and it will happen to you so do not worry.

So now recognise when you do have a negative or bad thought stop right there and simply change it to a positive happy thought. So for instance a lack of money, stop it. Now think about money flowing to you in so many ways.


Be clear about what you desire.

So another way to how to apply the law of attraction is to be clear with yourself and thus the universe what it is you want and desire. You must be clear and above all specific.

Individuals new to this whole law of attraction thing will usually be shy or reserved at the beginning to what it is they actually want. They might thinks its to much to ask for or to big large. But more than likely they will be to general about what it is they actually want, so it might be more money, or something as general as of attraction money

For law of attraction to work you will need to be very specific about what it is you want. So if a new car instead of stating I want a new car – tell them the make model and colour.

Or say you’re looking for new work or a new job. Instead of simply asking deep space for this job, request for a work with the specific wage and also advantages you need, as well as in the field you want. Make sure you get as specific as you can the more the better.

And after all this you might well be shocked at how quickly and easily the universe gives you what you want!

Exactly how do I know it’s working?

When you apply the law of attraction, one of the hardest things to do is to trust the universe trust its working and going to give you exactly what it is you wanted. More often than not we will obtain what we want however not when we expect to, the universe in its wisdom will give you what you want when your ready. Or, we may get the important things they require, but they look various from what we anticipated but trust that the universe knows what’s its doing and is working for you.

So given all this is there anyway to know if the universe has actually got the message and knows what we wants or have we actually done it right? Just how can we understand whether our efforts are working? There are a few things to look for a few signs that the universe likes to give us.

Your intuition will improve the more you use this

As you get much more in tune with the universe and everything it needs, you will observe your intuition getting better and better. In some cases, people have stated they have sixth sense now of when things will appear to them or events will start happening.

You’ll begin to see small things that amount to a sort pattern a pattern you will understand. For example, possibly you’ll think of someone you have not talked to in a while, and after that they’ll call you. Or, possibly you’ll be able to expect what individuals are going to say before they state it. Things like this, this is you working 1-1 with the universe and sending you everything it needs for you to believe it works.

Seeing important numbers

law of attraction for money So another fantastic way for you to see the law of attraction in action is through the power of numbers. Numbers and also Numerology are emotionally considerable. Seeing the very same numbers continuously can be an indicator to pay attention to that the law of attraction is working.

As an example, repeated numbers, like 111 or 33 are number you need to look out for on how to apply the law of attraction. So now you need to take note of when you see these numbers maybe on clocks in shops etc and take note so you can look for that pattern..

Watch for gifts

When you start to use the Law of attraction, the universe will start to send you little gifts yes you heard me gifts. To start with these will be small. This suggests it’s important so foe the law of attraction to work start to take note.

For example, you have asked the universe to manifest you extra wealth or money into your life. At first, the universe might start showing you loose change or small law of abundanceamounts of money hitting you but other time this will increase and increase to when your being flooded with large amounts of money into your life.

One way many people say new money comes to them is by finding cash in an old jacket or finding money they never thought they had. Or another way could be a relative will send you a small gift of money just out the blue this again is the universe in play sending you a sign.

Always acknowledge what you get

As you learn how to apply the law of attraction, it’s critical to constantly recognise and be appreciative and show gratitude for every little thing you receive from the universe no matter or large or small it is. The more you acknowledge your victories and be grateful for them a lot more new ones will start to show up out of the blue..

One way of keeping track of all the extra things being sent into your life is to keep a journal this will help you track and for you to see and be grateful for everything you have received.

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This is also great for keeping a track on patterns. This is also a great idea to keep and help your thoughts, as when you start to feel bad thoughts coming look back on this journal and see the great things that have happened in your life this in turn can give you the positive thoughts you need.

If you ‘d like to learn more regarding how to use the law of attraction, and also various other means to prosper, take a look at our other articles on the law of attraction and more importantly how to apply the law of attraction.

When you are leaning how to apply the law of attraction it is always key to keep using and keep practising it. Like anything the more, you use it the better you become at it. Do not just do it once and hope it will work use it everyday create that life of your dreams because you can by using this amazing law.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the law of attraction so get started now.

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