We all understand that you are what you consume and when we are looking to vibrate at a higher level to manifest into our life what we want food plays a major part in that so here we have listed 10 high vibration foods you can start eating today to not only be healthier but also raise your vibration and start manifesting what it is you desire.

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The law of attraction states like attracts like, so we need to vibrate at a higher level to attract more things into our life that we want.

If you consume nutrient-poor, out of balance, refined food, your energised vibration will not be as high and thus meaning what you want to attract and manifest into your life will not appear due to a low vibration.

High Vibration FoodsYou will really feel weary, possibly a little sad and also discouraged all of which is sending these feeling to the universe which is not going to help you manifest what you want.. Individuals you interact with will feel your reduced energetic frequency (even if they don’t know what that is). You will have a hard time to attract the important things in your life that you prefer and also, with time, a heavy thickness will certainly grow around you, so if your looking to put the manifestation process in full flow you need to watch what you consume into your body.

But, if you select nutrient-dense, well balanced, fresh, gorgeous, colourful, dynamic foods, it will supercharge your vibration as these foods lift your cells lift your mood and improve how you feel meaning the universe and the law of attraction can manifest what it is you desire as your vibration using these foods will be in alignment with what it is you desire.

You will feel alive, conscious, harmonic with the universe as your vibration rises so does your manifestation power,  people around you will start to notice your glow you will look and fell more attractive. You find that you conveniently and easily attract the things you most desire as easy as 1-2-3 as your mood and vibration raise due to eating these food so does you manifestation skills!

Below are my leading 10 foods for increasing your vibration to attract and manifest what you desire from the universe:

1. Eco-friendly Leafy Vegetables (organic if you can)

Lettuces, kale, chard, and so on — you’re literally consuming the energy of the sun so the greener the better as the greener they are the more power from the sun you have. Get as much and as lots of varieties as you can remember they need to be green and leafy!

2. Fresh Berries

All fresh fruits are incredible but berries are the best at raising your vibration levels, berries go to the top of my list for a couple of great reasons. They’re low in sugar which is great for people having problem with unbalanced blood sugar such as people with diabetes etc . They’re additionally incredibly high in anti-oxidants which aid boost your immune system and also decrease swelling and they are great at reducing inflammation around your tissue and body organs so not only are these great for your health but also your vibration.

3. Sprouts

You can sprout virtually any seed, bean or grain. It’s easy to do as well as can be done right on your cooking area counter so is something you can start today from home to increase your vibration and health! Sprouts are extremely high in healthy proteins and also abundant in amazing enzymes which help your body repair itself and also make sure your body works as it does to do al the amazing things you can do.

4. Fresh herbs

Not only do herbs make our food taste and smell amazing which increases your satisfaction as well as your vibration while you eat, many of them are fantastic body healers for inflammation and getting rid of toxins from everyday we get from pollution etc. Cilantro is one great herb it is an outstanding detoxifies while rosemary consists of great deals of wonderful anti-oxidants to fight inflammation and again detoxify your body form all the harmful things we are subjected to daily. So when you next eat always try to add herbs either in the cooking or just to sprinkle on top of your food to add that kick to it for your health and vibration.

5. Spices

For hundreds of years people have been using seasoning’s as a scrumptious means to elevate the vibration of food not only in taste but for the amazing health benefits they provide also. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic as well as cayenne all consist of powerful healing properties as well as aid with every little thing from food digestion to blood sugar equilibrium and also joint inflammation! I use turmeric every day either in my tea or on my food, it is a proper super-food, don’t forget to add black pepper to it and this supercharges the power of turmeric!

Remember to be creative with how you use the spices every time you eat something say to yourself is this a opportunity to add a spice or herb to my dish to take it from healthy to supercharge? Just doing this will really help you increase your vibration and attract what you desire.

6. Beans & Legumes

Beans are very high vibration foods due to the fact that they’re nutrition powerhouses pound for pound they are amazing in assisting your health and vibration. The include great deals of healthy protein, carbohydrates and also fiber as well as lots of B vitamins as well as also iron.

7. Nuts & Seeds

Raw, unsalted nuts as well as seeds are great vibration foods due to the fact that they’re, a great protein and also they are packed with good fiber, they also include greats fats like omega 3 that your body (as well as particularly your mind) need to work appropriately. I often recommend raw nuts as well as seeds to my clients as an excellent, healthy mid-day treat. So instead of that packet of crisps or snack bar a simply choice you could make would be to change them and add raw nuts and seeds instead.

8. Blue Green Algae

Now before you start im not telling you to go to the local pond and start eating the algae. Blue green algae’s like spirulina and chlorella are among one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world which make them probably the best things you can consume to raise your vibration. You normally get them dried so a great way of using them everyday is to try and include them to smoothies, or (if you can not manage the taste and i will be honest not many can) you can get them in tablet type and take them as and when you want. Like most things we always suggest you take them first thing in the morning to give you that kick-start to your day.

9. Fermented Foods

Every day we hear about how vital our gut is and how gut health is vital to your overall health of your body, a healthy gut will more than likely lead to a healthy body. Your gut is like a city to an entire ecosystem of microorganisms. Some are “great” and help your body stay healthy and others are “poor” and– if allowed to overgrow– cause a lot of heath issues such as allergic reactions, eczema, joint pain, fibromyalgia, clinical depression and even cancer cells. So as you see a health gut can really help with a healthy body and mind.

Normally fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha are teeming with the “great” gut things you need to have great health and as we keep saying great health will lead to a higher vibration and what does that mean? Come on higher vibration means you attract and manifest it is what you desire!

10. Teas

This is my favourite vibration food or thing you can do to help raise your vibration. The one i recommend for you is green or white tea these are packed with anti oxidants and help fight inflammation. They also help in the aid of weight loss this is because they “kick start” your metabolism.

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Unlike “black tea” green tea has nothing added to it and and has not lost all its heath properties so green or white tea I highly recommend for raising your vibration.

So there have it 10 food you can start to use today to help raise your vibration and help you to start manifesting what it is you desire. So instead of going gun hoe and getting all of them why not start with one. What about teas? That is an easy change for you to make so now instead of your normal tea put in a healthy tea.

Then when you feel hungry eat some fruit or a few nuts just these simply small changes to start with will mean a big difference to you.

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